Who Are We?

Founded in 2010, PVR is owned by Stella Sheridan.

While she takes care of administrative duties, her husband John Sheridan instructs and provides rescue service at a level not readily available in the industry. With years of experience in rescue operations, John felt that there was a bit of a “checking the box” syndrome taking place; That is when you just put a man on site doing multiple things and the checking the rescue box you aren’t getting the training or safety necessary for the rescue business.

At PVR, We don’t and won’t send a single man because rescue CAN’T be done with one person. Our minimum crew is 2 and for the majority of jobs it’s a 3 man job. Our staffing is based on hazard assessment and rescue complexity, not convenience.

We opened to bring another level of protection to industrial workers and to train industrial workers in rescue and to help Industry participants to comply with federal regulations in regard to the disciplines of Confined Space Rescue and Access, Rope Access and Industrial Rescue.

We provide employers with a means to comply with federal regulations in regards to confined space, access to both high angle work environments and confined spaces and fall protection throughout the industrial realm. PVR employs workers that are nationally certified FEMA USAR instructors in urban search and rescue.

In addition to training, the team is finding themselves working in the power industry conducting standby rescue during outages.

Lead Trainer/Operations

John Sheridan
John Sheridan is a native Phoenician who spent 32 yrs with Phoenix Fire Dept working on Ladder trucks and Heavy Rescues. He was a member of their Special Operations Team and is a technician in rope rescue as well as hazardous materials. He was a member of Arizona Task Force 1 which is one of the 28 national Urban Search and Rescue Teams. In his years on the special operations team he became a lead instructor and was heavily involved bringing new members of the team up to NFPA’s operational level and a large number of team members to the technical level in rope rescue. His involvement in FEMA has taken him to many national classes for instructors of urban search and rescue and was an adjunct HERS ( Heavy Equipment Rigging Specialist ) and a lead instructor in Structural Collapse and was involved in that training as well for the members of Arizona Task Force 1.

John also manages the Special Operations program for Paradise Valley Community College. This program teaches both Arizona Fire Marshall Rope Rescue and NFPA Technical Level rope rescue.

Liveline Rope Access Trainer

Thom Penner
Thom has 27 years of experience in High Voltage line work, in both Transmission and Distribution methods. He holds an extensive resume in in live line work ranging from from 4Kv. To 345 Kv. Thom helped develop the Tri-State G & T Liveline Rope access manual and is currently a Journeyman Lineman and live line Barehand trainer for Tri-State G & T.

Liveline Rope Access Trainer

Clint White
Clint has 33 years of experience in Transmission Line Construction and maintenance. In addition to his field experience, Clint has worked for 20 years as a Bare hand/ Hot stick instructor for Tri-State G&T. With Thom Penner, Clint helped develop the Rope Access live line program for Tri-State G&T. Clint is currently a Field training Specialist for the transmission line department at Tri-State G&T. He is also responsible for apprentice and journeyman training.

Tower Access Trainer

Mickey Blackmon
Mickey brings nearly 30 years of tower access experience to PVR. He offers climbing training for wooden pole and steel structures. In addition, he trains in assembly and installation of communication towers and equipment. After leaving the USAF in 1987, he worked for Motorola where he performed maintenance, removals, and installations on a variety of communication structures. Mickey currently operates Blackmon site services, dedicated to meeting clients’ tower access needs.