We’ve had the pleasure of working with the following organizations:

ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation)

  • We provide access and confined space rescue stand-by during annual storm drain inspections

Arizona Construction Diving Services

  • We provide rope access to inaccesible work spaces that need to be entered to do diving repairs

Arlington Power Company

  • We provide Confined Space Rescue Stand-by work for a natural gas combination plant during power outages


  • A Canadian underground infrastructure inspection company

Bonneville Power Administration

  • American federal agency operating in the Pacific Northwest

Casey Industries

  • We provide confined space rescue stand-by when Casey Industries has a welding job in confined spaces

Durus Industrial Welding

  • Confined Space Rescue Stand-by during repairs in industrial confined spaces

Field Services

  • Providing confined space rescue stand-by during inspection of propane gas scrubbers during outage

Gila River Power Company

  • We provided confined Space rescue stand-by work for a natural gas combination plant during outages

Grand Coulee Power Organization

  • We provide confined space rescue training for Dept of Defense firefighters stationed at the dam.
  • Our team drafted Grand Coulee Power Organizations’s rescue plans and hazard analysis for confined spaces

Tri-State Generation and Transmission

  • Our team helped develop a rope access system  to enable barehand work on energized transmission lines. 115 thru 345 kv.
  • We assisted in developing Tri-State’s manual for rope access barehand program.
  • PV Ropeworks is currently developing a rope access program for communication towers both work and rescue


  • We were hired by this Arizona Construction Company  to clean out debris and assist with the inspection of ADOT storm drains