Confined Space Services

Rope Access

We create access to difficult areas, so that your project can be accomplished. Palo Verde Rope Solutions can either put our team in position on ropes or guide your company’s workers in order to perform whatever work is needed. From there, our personnel will oversee and/or control the ropes to ensure the project runs smoothly and safely.

Confined Space and Confined space access

We do confined space standby for entry into those spaces. We can also use our crews to be the entry and rescue for work or inspections needed in those spaces.

We put messenger cord down a large storm drain from access point to access point so they could ultimately scan the entire length of pipe. We had to use a small flat bottom boat to get it accomplished. They had to rig equipment and send down the scanner so we were the rescue component and the equipment access. Once they were in the space we also were the rescue component.


We do training for industrial rescue and extrication. Confined space rescue both permit and non-permit spaces. Rope training for companies that see rope as an alternative to traditional access methods, ie; scaffolding, man lifts, man baskets.

Stand-By Services

Permit Required Confined Space Rescue Stand-by

OSHA requires a company to have one of 3 solutions to accomplish work in permitted confined spaces. One is to use a local fire department but they need to be aware that you are using them, agree to it and they need to have a once a year drill on the site. The second option is to have your own employee’s trained to the level of threat that the space contains and have a team standing by with equipment. The third method is to hire people that have the level of training necessary to do any rescues that the space may present.

Liveline Services

Barehand EHV Rope Access

Working in conjunction with the country’s foremost electrical linemen, we’re literally rewriting the books on how to conduct barehand work when traditional methods just aren’t an option.


We do training for Barehand Rope Access jobs where traditional methods are not an option. Give your employees safe new ways to accomplish difficult tasks.

Tower Access Services

Rope Access

We make access to difficult areas so that work can be accomplished. We will put our own workers in position on ropes and perform whatever work is needed or position a company’s worker on ropes and control the ropes with our personnel to position their workers into position.